Seasonal Menu

(Wed to Fri: 3pm onward)

(Sat & Sun: 12 noon onward)

Service is family style and all dishes brought to the table as soon as they are ready – to be enjoyed hot!

Small Plates and Shares

Tortilla chips with 3 styles of salsa ($5)
(Housemade Tortilla chips with tangy and fresh salsa)

Guacamole and chips ($8)
Housemade Tortilla chips with zesty fresh avocado guacamole

Cantina Queso Blanco ($8)
White cheese dip with jalapenos, tomatoes and onions.

Nachos ($10)
Housemade Tortilla chips, cheddar and Jack cheese, beans and

 (add chicken or beef for $2 or shrimp for $4)


Quesadilla ($10)
(add chicken or beef for $2 or shrimp for $4)


Tamale ($10)
Traditional corn masa, spiced to perfection and wrapped in a corn husk. Ask your waiter for the day’s special.

Cantina Caesar Salad ($14)
Charred hearts of Romaine, cheese, roasted spicy corn, black beans & cotija. Served with housemade Caesar dressing.
(add chicken or beef for $2 or shrimp for $4)

Empanada de Hamon ($12)
Ham, Manchego cheese, pineapple & a perfect blend of Mexican spices.

Taquitos ($10)
Fresh corn Tortilla, seasoned potato, pinto beans & crema.
(add chicken or beef for $2 or shrimp for $4)

Tostados ($10)
(add chicken or beef for $2 or shrimp for $4)


Large Plates and Shares

Carne Asada ($20)
Perfectly grilled skirt steak served medium rare with sour cream, guacamole & Tortillas.

San Patricio Burrito ($20)
Rice, refried beans, cheese and pico-de-gallo served with rice & side salad
(add chicken or beef for $2 or shrimp for $4)

Chicken Enchiladas ($20)
Organic grilled chicken marinated in Mexican spices. Served with rice & beans.

Fajitas ($18)
Mexican spices, peppers and onions served with a fresh Tortilla & guacamole.
(add chicken or beef for $2 or shrimp for $4)

Pozole Verde ($20)
Authentic & traditional. This soup is made with chicken, pork hominy, cabbage & a green sauce.



Seasonal gelato or sorbet ($5)
(ask your server about the flavor of the day and add a shot of espresso for $2)

Cantina de San Patricio  |  (206) 443 2150  |  1914 Post Alley Seattle, WA 98101

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